7 Things Your Website Should Include To Get Clients

Business owner designing their website

1)  Clear Benefit Focused Headline


Your headline should be positioned at the top of your homepage, also known as the “hero section”. When your website visitors read your headline, they should know exactly what you do within three seconds, or they will likely leave your website without reading further.

Your headline should also describe the benefits that your clients receive from your product or service. Keep your headline as short as possible. You can add a sub-headline directly underneath if you can’t fit it all into your main headline.

Landscaping example:

  • “Make your neighbors jealous with a magnificent yard”.

IP Lawyer example:

  • “We protect your ideas and innovations.”


2)  Call to Action Button


Your call to action button should be positioned on the right of your header and/or in the middle of your hero section.

Your call to action button should tell your website visitors exactly what to do to get your service.


  • Call Now
  • Book an Appointment
  • Free Consultation


3)  Relevant Images


The best images to use on your homepage are images that display the benefits that your clients receive by getting your service.

Do not put an image of your office building on your homepage unless you sell real estate because it will confuse your visitors.

Landscaping example:

  • Include an image of your clients yard with their family playing in it. This shows the benefit of enjoying time with their family that your client gets from your landscaping service.

IP Lawyer example:

  • Show an image of your client smiling and and holding up their patent certificate. This shows the benefit of security and peace of mind that comes with having an official patent.


4)  Top 3 Benefits


Mention the top 3 most valuable benefits that your clients will get from your service. Focusing your visitors minds on the benefits of your service will make them much more likely to get your service.

Landscaping example:

  • Have More Time
  • Stress Less
  • Enjoy Your Yard

IP Lawyer example:

  • Protect Your Investment
  • Maximize Your Assets
  • Increase Your Profit



5)  Authority and Social Proof


You should include proof of your expertise.


  • “testimonials”
  • “statistics of your results”
  • “mentions from prominent people in your industry”


6) Feature Your Most Popular Service


Your business may offer multiple services, but if you mention too many services on your homepage visitors will get overwhelmed, and probably won’t choose any of them. Only mention your main (most popular) 1-3 services on your homepage.

Landscaping service examples:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Tree Trimming
  • Sprinkler System Installation

IP Lawyer service examples:

  • Copyright Application
  • Trademark Renewal
  • Patent Application



7) Step by Step Plan for Working With You


You might assume when visitors go on your website, it is self explanatory what they need to do to get your service. But most people need to be told directly and often exactly what to do. Any doubt or confusion in your visitors mind will make them want to look at a different business that is easier to work with. You should include a section on your website that tells them step by step (1-2-3) specifically what they need to do to get your service.

Landscaping examples:

  • Step 1: Book a time on our calendar.
  • Step 2: Get an in person quote and property assessment.
  • Step 3: Sign up in person or by phone (1-888-888-8888).

IP Lawyer examples:

  • Step 1: Fill out our preliminary patent search form.
  • Step 2: Talk with one of our patent attorneys.
  • Step 3: We will start filling your patents.