5 steps to get your website live in 30 minutes

This is the easiest method I have found to get your website live in 30 minutes.


1. Register Your Domain Name

Go to Hostinger.com click the domain tab > Domain Name Search, and type in the name that you want for your website. I recommend using a name that is short and relevant to your business. It should end with .com. If your desired name is not available or is being sold at a higher price, try different variations. You shouldn’t need to pay more than $10/year for your domain name.


2. Get Hosting

There are many hosting companies out there, but I recommend Hostinger. They are fast, resonably priced, and have great support. Sign up with their cheapest plan (single shared hosting). You can upgrade at any time.



3. Install WordPress

WordPress is a free open source software that you can install directly from your hosting account. Over 40% of websites are built on the WordPress platform. There are alternatives like Wix and Sqaurespace, but they charge a monthly fee and do not have the capabilities that WordPress has.

Installing WordPress with Hostinger is very easy, just follow this video tutorial.


4. Install Elementor

Elementor is a WordPress plugin allows you to design your website with a drag and drop builder. You don’t need to know how to code. There is a free version and a paid version of this plugin. You can download the pro version here.

To install Elementor, Login to your WordPress dashboard, click plugins tab > add new. Then you can upload elementor or search for in WordPress. Then click install and activate. If you only want to use the free version of elementor, you should also install a plugin called “header footer builder” so you can build your header and footer.


5. Start Building

Your homepage is the most important page on your website so its important to get it right. 

Go to your “pages” tab > add new.

Then type “Home” as the title and click the blue publish button.

Go to your settings tab > reading. 

Under “your homepage displays” select “a static page” hit the dropdown by “homepage” and select the page that you just created. Then click save changes.

Go back to “pages” tab and click edit with Elementor.

The Elementor editor is very easy to use, but here is a 10 minute tutorial covering the basics:

Now it’s time to start adding content. If you don’t know what content to put on your homepage, i’ve created a free PDF that shows you exactly what you need to put on your homepage in order to attract clients with your website. You can Download the 7 step formula to attract clients with your website here.